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Has your home dropped in value?

If your home has dropped in value in Los Angeles County do not pay someone to have it reassessed. There are a lot of scam artists out there trying to charge money for a service that shouldn't cost you anything. Their letters look like official government documents. Don't be fooled! If it can be done at all, you can do it yourself for free at the assessor's office. Many properties sold since 2005 have already been reassessed automatically.

Read more from a blog article I wrote in 2008 but it still is valid today. Click here.

Property Tax $avings

Perhaps family members have moved out -- or you live alone and the house is just too big for you to take care of by yourself. Would you like to downsize to a smaller home or one of less value, but you're worried that the property tax will be much more than you're currently paying? You may qualify to pay the same property tax as on your current home. Contact me for details if this is in your plans. I may be able to save you $$$ yearly!

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